Guidelines for Visiting Park View Home. 

We welcome visitors to Park View.  Please follow the following guidelines to prepare for your visit.

All visitors will need to continue to wear masks, perform hand hygiene and follow core principles of infection control.  Refusal to follow these guidelines will result in the cancellation of your visit. 

Please follow these rules but also, if you are experiencing any symptoms, even if you think that they are not COVID-19 related, please stay home and contact the facility. Should an outbreak (1 resident or 1 staff) occur, visits will seize. If our county rate is > 10% and our facility rate of vaccinated resident is < 70%, visits must stop.  Further guidance will be provided following the outbreak to determine when visits may continue.

We are trying hard to keep your loved ones healthy and preventing future shutdowns.

Thank you!

Visitor Guidelines

Effective March 29, 2021

  • Visits DO NOT need to be scheduled at this time.

  • A mask must be worn all times.

  • Please check in at the main entrance of the facility.

  • All who enter the building will be screened for symptoms of COVID 19 (e.g. temperature checks, questions about and observations of signs or symptoms).

  • Visits will now occur in resident rooms. You may not interact with other residents. If your loved one has a roommate, the visit will need to occur in our visiting room.

  • Max time for visit is 2 hours at this time.

  • Only 3 people can visit a resident at one time.

  • Visitors must go directly to the resident’s room and exit the same way from the building.

  • Visitors must be over four (4) years old to visit (due to masking requirement and the ability to adhere to core infection control principles).

  • No eating or drinking during visits.

  • Public spaces are not to be used, including resident bathroom, dining area, and lounge areas.

  • Daily visiting hours: 9am – Noon, 1-4pm, 6-8pm, 7 days a week.

  • Denial of entry will occur if signs or symptoms are present.