Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Park View

Park View Community Campus wants all our residents to feel at ease, knowing that it is your best interest we are always putting first. We want ANY and ALL family members to expect the exceptional quality they deserve from us for their loved ones. We make this our objective. We make this our policy!

Park View always strives to be your most trusted source of information. We pride ourselves on integrity, honesty, and fairness. We value the many relationships we have built over the 60-plus years we have been in business. Please feel free to talk to us if you have any questions or issues you may want addressed.

Q: What can I bring into the nursing home?

A: Park View encourages you to make your room as home-like as possible. You may bring in your own chair, comforter, pictures, clothes, computer, and any other furniture that is deemed safe.

Q: What are the visiting hours?

A: You may visit any time day or night.

Q: Can you take your loved one out for the day or a few hours?

A: You are encouraged to take your loved one on family outings, rides, or just out for the day. We ask that you please touch base with the nursing staff before doing so.

Q: Can I bring in my own medications?

A: You cannot bring in your own medications from home as state law requires medications to be dispensed in a designated form. Park View has a pharmacy that delivers here daily to meet those needs.

Q: If I’m on Medical Assistance, does the nursing home take my Social Security check?

A: You are billed monthly for the services you recieve by an amount determined by the State of Wisconsin.

Q: Are your staff members trained?

A: Our Nursing Assistants are certified and require a minimum of 12 hours of continuing training yearly. Our C.E.O., Nursing Staff, Social Worker, and Activity Director are all licensed by the State of Wisconsin.

Q: How do I place my loved one in the nursing home?

A: Residents need to have a history and physical by their physician prior to admission or within 48 hours of admission to the nursing home for them to be admitted.

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